Does a German President have right to teach Polish nation democracy?- Zygmunt Jasłowski

Mr. Gauck, Germany have no right to instruct anyone. Germany are a disgrace to Europe

Does a German President have right to teach Polish nation democracy?

There is no affirmative answer to this troublesome question, because the Poles are the most freedom loving people in Europe. To hear from a German, a pastor, and a noted freedom fighter from former East Germany that Polish people don't know how to live with other ethnic groups and know little about democracy is at the very least insulting. I would not dare to suspect Mr Gauck of being a sympathizer of dictatorial regimes, but I have a right to hear an honest opinion from a head of state that bravely exercises imperial policies in Europe and claims to be our ally. But, is this honest way to look at us, and, what's more, can this opinion be seen as diplomatic and reasonable. After all we do have in Poland over 1 milion Ukrainians and many other groups such as Belorussians, Jews, Roma people, Tartars, and even Germans, not to forget recent arrivals from all over. So, what is German president talking about? Doesn't he like our independent decisions? He, the lover of freedom in the fomer DDR?
I understand that for Mr President it is hard to accept the choice that Polish people made just over 6 months ago. Still, they have a legitimate right to ask German people, who created one of the most evil systems in the world in the past century, to stay away from criticizing our choices and decisions. After all, democracy is an abstract concept, whereas fatherland, nation is something easily identifiable. Even a person who is utterly disinterested in politics knows what fatherland is, in a micro scale at least. For a farmer, the fatherland could be a view over his fields, a poplar or birch tree, a tower of the village church, for the city dweller his street, city quarter or football team. It is easy to identify with people who share a dream of strong, sovereign and prosperous Poland. Polish people speak Polish and they are predominantly Roman-catholics, thus mocking them for what they are is indecent, especially if democracy is used as a criterion of judgment. Yet, a Pole-Catholic has been made into a word that in the liberal circles epitomizes a bigot, antisemite, xenophobe, and God only knows, what else. Compare to Germany, France, or even Sweden, antisemitism is really marginal. Matthew Tyrmand is right that Poland is paradise for the Jews if compared to any Western European country.
Is Mr Gauck right that though that we, Poles don't know how to live with other people. We hear from a person representing a nation, which played a leading role in dismantling our multiethnic state in the 18th century, and in 1939 again. Didn't the Germans play instrumental role in turning against us other ethnic people who had lived with us in the Polish- Lithuanian Commonwealth for centuries? The Holocaust of the Jews and Poles, particularly in south-eastern part of the lI Republic, was primarily the result of Ribbentrop-Molotov pact, and the German-Soviet invasions that followed in September 1939. To hear today that democratically elected Polish government has chosen Putin-style system, is rude and illogical. The country, which had been established by NKVD/KGB/GRU supposedly goes in the footsteps of the KGB agent? Utter nonsense. We in Poland, don't want your model of democracy that is posted to us by mail or brought in person by visiting Commissars. While entering Europe we were not aware that Brussels had secret plan of destroying nation states in favour of super state. Today, we demand revision of the direction which European Commission has chosen without asking us for permission. We don't want you liberalism, anti christian policies, colonial incursions, low moral standards and insecurity.

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Dr Zygmunt Jasłowski

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