Letter to Mr. Timmermans - Zygmunt Jasłowski

Autor zachował się jak trzeba. Wysłał maila Timmermansowi

Letter to Mr. Timmermans,

I have read your opinion 'evaluating' our national history, and I must say that I am shocked. In fact, I could not believe my own ears. How is it possible that someone with so little historical knowledge can not only formulate so far reaching, unjust and abusive opinions, and then jest present them to the European forum as truth?

No doubt, and largely thanks to the efforts of the European Commission and European parliament, my Fatherland is deeply politically divided. Certainly, you are not objective as you only listen to those who still are unable to admit that they lost presidential and parliamentary election. Things may not be perfect in Poland, but in Warsaw, we have democratically-elected government which is capable of making decisions in our name. All the government needs is more time and peace. I am sure that many Poles want more thorough reforms to go forward, but constant interventions of the EU and the ‘total opposition’ make them hard to implement. Your lobbying is damaging the same democracy that you so much believe in. In fact, Polish government could have more time for governing Poland if your EU administrative bodies could leave it alone for a while. Clearly, we need your trust and support, not a scrutiny, or –in other case – we would need to question your sincerity.

I understand that it is not in the interest of Berlin, France or Brussels to have strong and competitive economy right in the center of Europe. The PO government, on the other hand, was a guarantor of sub-colonial rule of EU in Poland. I even know why Mr. Macron cannot sleep well these days, Poland troubles him more than the dreams about Louis XIV. Our country is not in an ideal state, but is doing much better then when it was under regime of Platforma Obywatelska ("Citizen Platform"), a political organization which had almost brought Polish state institutions to annihilation through numerous affairs, corruption, financial mismanagement, treason and scandals, of which some until today remain unpunished. . This is also due to interventions of Brussels; even this courageous government of Mrs. Szydlo is afraid to make complete and thorough reforms (for each it was given a mandate), because Mr. Schulz is frightening Poland with his Bundeswehr. You may be aware, Mr. Timmermans, that in Germany these days you can buy T-shirt reading “Go to Poland by Messerchmitt”. That sounds bizarre as we just have a chance to listen memories of British soldiers bombed in 1940 by Messerschmits at the beaches of Dunkirk, and today is I September, the black stain on German psyche and honor. Does Holland have clear conscience? ? Your country had formed SS units on the side of Germany, too. I have been to Puputan Place in Denpasar and Balinese people told me what the Dutch did to them during colonial period.

What concerns the situation in Polish courts: I would like to ask you where was EU and its apparatchiks when a stiff machine of Polish justice was not capable for 28 years to sentence even one communist criminal? Where were you when Polish citizens had slim chances to defend their natural rights in courts? Where were you, when Polish presidential plain had been shot over Smolensk? Do you think that Dutch plains deserve decent investigation and Polish don’t? When were you when genuine opinions of Polish citizens could not be heard in the mainstream media?  

The will of people gave us to today’s successes, and only naked violence can take them out from us. After 6 years of German occupation and 45 years Soviet-style communism Poland is on her way to normality.  Our country is not in an ideal state, but it is doing much better when it was under regime of Platforma Obywatelska ("Citizen Platform"), a political organization which had almost brought Polish state institutions to annihilation through numerous affairs, corruption, financial mismanagement, treason and scandals, of which some until today remain unpunished.
The opposition had even organized coup d’etat aiming at bringing down the Law and Justice Party, and there was no one serious voice from Brussels to condemn it.

But, Mr. Timmermans, to suggest that currently we live in the times when we can make better and sovereign decisions than at any other time in our national history is utter nonsense. It is not enough to listen to Mr. Sikorski, because his just has BA with ‘broad back’ to support him. I know that you are appealing to the post-1989 period, but even now we could have a greater chance to make good decisions, but the EU must stop interventions in our internal affairs. Are you trying to frighten us that we have only one option - to listen to your dictate or get back to 'our pattern' when Russians or Germans move our borders 300 kilometers east or west, at their will? In fact, with Russians we had difficult history that we don’t want to repeat, but but – at least – we can share with them Christian values. I am not sure Christian values are legal in your “better” part of Europe anymore. Certainly you had chased God away from your parliamentary chambers, so all that is left are three empty words - Liberte, Egalite and Fraternite (but only reserved to proper countries).

The conclusions that I draw from your speech are quite clear: listen to what Germans say, or they will leave the Union and then no one can guarantee your borders. But, wait a minute, shouldn't we put beyond the 19th century ideas that many leaders of the EU are so afraid of. Why did we make this Union in the first place? Hasn’t Poland join the Europe of fatherlands? Why then are you pushing for the super state? Hasn’t the Brexit send a sufficient notice: stop this madness?!

The main line of your argument goes “Poland has her best moment in national history to make right decisions, the opportunity she hasn’t had for the “last 1000 years”. Give me a break. This is utter absurd! We would need to take 700 years out of glory to make you happy. Keep in mind, we had a great, powerful Polish-Lithuanian kingdom, with king on the throne, great civilization which was violently partitioned without any protest across European spectrum. Surely, already then you didn’t share our Christian values with us. This immoral Europe that you represent (voice of former colonial powers and occupiers) has no right to interfere in internal matters of Rzeczpospolita. This is scandal what is going on in Brussels.

Dr Zygmunt Jasłowski

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Polski nie podaruje Polakom nikt inny - jeśli sami się o Nią nie upomną. Tymczasem polscy rycerze śpią nie tylko pod Giewontem. Czas, by się pobudzili jak kraj długi i szeroki. Czas, by lepiej przypomnieli sobie, kim naprawdę są, kim bywali w historii i kim być mogą - jeśli odzyskają swoją dziejową formę.

Na 1050. rocznicę Chrztu Polski wszędzie tam podjąć należy program pracy organicznej: KOŚCIÓŁ, SZKOŁA, STRZELNICA. To właśnie misja budzących się rycerzy: pomóc rodakom odzyskać dumę z polskiej cywilizacji, której specjalnością i "towarem eksportowym" była przez wieki wolność.

Grzegorz Braun


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